Please recommend any favorite books that you know of that are worthwhile, professionally or personally:

Book Title What this book is about? Who recommended?

For USF Summer Course:
Instructional Rounds - You should have already purchased this book
Enhancing Professional Practice
The Handbook for Enhancing Professional Practice

For Spring Course:
1st read Data Wise and "On Common Ground"
Here are the books for the USF course for the Spring:

Data Wise

On Common Ground

Shaping School Culture

Instructional Rounds

Transformative Assessment

We will also use the Four Frames books from last Spring.
Alexander and Alexander. American Public School Law, 6th Edition (2005)
Online Google Book:

Availability: has the text in an electronic format for 84.49 for the entire book, or by chapter, with a set price per chapter and the first chapter is free. has discount coupons (I don't know how well it works, but I found it in my searching) They had a 50% off textbook coupon, which might bwe of interest