House Systems in our school (Please insert your school's house setup)

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Student Government
6-8th grade, 5 Houses by city names in HK (Central, Tai Tam, Shek-o, Peak, Lantau,) One Faculty Leader per house. Student Government is done in house.
Bring unity vertically between grades through house spirit gatherings and events.
House Cup competitions:
Sports Day, quarterly house gatherings,(ie. talent show, breakfast, team building activities, other contests) Math competition,Social outings ie. Ice Skating, bowling, beach day
1 student leader per grade level per house form the SLT, Student Leadership Team. Each House meets with representatives (4 elected per grade, 1 per PCG "Pastoral Care Group" consisting of 10 students/) The SLT meets with Admin 1 day per week, Each House of Representatives (12 per house) meet once per week.
Discovery College (HK)
House Curriculum